Wingsuit /Birdman Workout

Due to the number of increased new birds who might be looking for a way
to buid their wings, here is a wingsuit workout that has proven
successful to many of us older birds.

I have a lot of experience in weight training from my athletic background
and also my college degree in Sport and Exercise Science. What the
others have said is pretty close to what you want to do, but I’ll give you
all the advice I can.

First off, it can be more difficult for females to fly the suits, especially the
S/S3, Ghost, Vampire, etc.. The larger surface area, combined with
generally weaker upper bodies, can make for some difficult flights. It is
important to work on the entire upper body with emphasis on the specific
muscles, so keep that in mind. Another thing to keep in mind is that you
want to do static training because of the mechanism of movement (i.e.
holding one position for a period of time).

Here is what I would work on and how:

1-the specific muscles that the suit requires are the deltoids, mainly the
middle and anterior portions. A)To work the middle delt: do lateral raises
with a weight, where you start with the weight at your side and gradually
raise it straight out to the side up to shoulder level. Don’t raise the weight
above shoulder height. Start by holding it there for 10 seconds, then
gradually increase the time as you can. When you can hold the weight for
20 seconds for three sets, you can up the weight. DO NOT start with a
weight that is too much; doing so can cause undue stress on the muscles
that make the rotator cuff and thus lead to shoulder problems! B)To work
the anterior delt: Do the same lift as above but move the weight slightly
to the front (only about 30-45degrees).

***You can also work your middle/ant. delts by doing the seated shoulder
press, either with a machine or free weights. If done with free weights, sit
upright and start with the weights at shoulder height, elbows flexed and
in at the side. Slowly raise the weights over your head and bring them
together. The long count is raising, the short is lowering.

2-You need to work the upper tricep as well, and this will also work the
inferior head of the anterior delt. To do this, perform a front raise, where
you raise a weight from the side of your body to straight out in front of
you. Hold it there in the same manner as above for the delts.

3-To work your posterior tricep, you can do either tricep extensions or
tricep kickbacks. The extensions can be done either on a machine or with
free weights where you start with the weight behind your head so that
your elbow is flexed, then raise the weight above your head slowly as to
fully extend your arm. If you do the kickbacks, kneel on a bench with one
knee and have the same arm for support on the bench (i.e. right hand
and knee on the bench). Hold your left arm into your side while holding
the weight up close to your shoulder so that the elbow is flexed. While
“squeezing” your left tricep, extend your elbow so that the weight and
your lower arm end up by your butt.
The long count should be while extending, the short count while flexing.

4-You can’t forget about your trapezius. You can do seated rows (with a
machine) or with free weights. If using free weights, you can do lateral
raises. Using the same stance with a bench as you did for tricep
kickbacks, let the weight hang in your hand straight at the ground, elbow
extended. When you raise the weight, you are going to flex at the elbow
as you perform shoulder adduction (squeeze your shoulder blade toward
your spine). Try to keep the elbow in toward the side of your body. The
fast count is raising, the slow count is lowering.

5-Dont’ forget your pecs. Even though these muscles play a small role in
flying as the majority is in your shoulders, they are still important.
Push-ups, horizontal bench press or the military press will all work. If you
do push-ups, you will also work your deltoids and laterals a little as well.
However, don’t let push-ups replace the specific exericises I have

I hope this helps! If you need clarification on anything, or want more
lifting workouts, please feel free to contact me. I feel like I have a lot to
offer in this area and would love to help when I can!

Flock Hard-


This was sent to me by eMail, hopefulls it is allright that i publish it here.

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