Project XRW

Raise the Sky conceived and organized Project XRW. The launch of Project XRW, or “Extreme Relative Work”, marks the first time that a parachutist has surfed on the back of a wingsuit skydiver who is still in freefall. Advances in technology and skill allowed the wingsuit skydiver in freefall to match the slower vertical speed of the parachutist for more than 20 seconds. The wingsuit skydiver opened his own parachute before landing.

The stunt was organized by Raise the Sky ( to mark the 10th anniversary of Operation Freefall ® (, a national sexual assault prevention campaign. Skydive Moab ( was chosen as a location for its stunning scenery of red rock canyons.

Miss Nevada, Christina Keegan, joined world champion canopy pilot Jonathan Tagle and wingsuit flyer Jeff Nebelkopf. Keegan is a survivor of sexual assault, and has used her platform to publicly speak out. She did her very first tandem skydive – wearing her Miss Nevada crown – and enjoyed it so much she went a second time.

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