First hot air Ballonjumps 2010

hello world! last weekend we had the best weather snce ages. too bad our suits weren´t available. so we had to practise some different stuff. we die a lot of jumps in trackingsuits and the final jump was a lovely hot air ballonjumps. we were 5 with two first timers. it was fucking great.

our complete team was in it 🙂 the frist two jumperes went of at 3000ft. in tracking suits, than i went off wearing my old phantom, it really a amazing feeling first to just fall and than to start flying! after me the last two guys went of! we all loved it and had a save landing. 

the last and really hard part is always to pack the ballon back in its bags. than the funny parts starts if you got some first timers :-D.


Take a look at our Impressions!

 Hot Air Ballon Jumping


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