3rd Int. Artistic Wingsuit Competition (Terni, Italy)

Good News!!!

We will join the 3rd Int. Artistic Wingsuit Competition in Terni this year. We still donĀ“t know how to get down there and we have to practise really a lot but we are looking forward to that competition, we love the date beacause on our way back we will also join WoG 2010 in Gransee (Berlin).

Unlike the previous years, there are no pre-described rounds. The night before the competition, there will be 2 routines picked for each of the 5 rounds. Meaning the teams can practice the individual figures, but will need fly a set of 2 routines per round in the correct order for the actual competition.

Teams are also encouraged to practice and show their creative side in the 6th round, which is a free routine.

as soon i am able to place the wingsuitcompetition.com content here i will just link the site.

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