UPT Flight Camp 2012 at Skydive Sebastian

This are a mix of my view of day 2 and 3 during UPT Flight Camp at Skydive Sebastian.
I am just learning editing and used a simple program so result not so good…just a try!

Thanks again to all the flyers in my group it was an awesome one with good vibe!
thanks to the LO’s we learned a lot and had fun times!!!

Nice watching also the jumps from the other teams, they did some cool hot stuff, especially team A and B….some incredible chorographies, fast and challenging!!! I hope you’ll have the chance to see them somewhere!!!! last two days I did not participate but every’one level growed even more. And this is just 1st Flight Camp…….See u at next one!!!

Cast: Stefania Martinengo

Tags: Flight camp, skydive sebastian, skydiving and UPT

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My 25k-ft Tandem HALO Jump Video-Version 2

I did a tandem HALO jump from 25,000 feet in July 2011. I had edited and uploaded a short clip in 2011, but finally went back and re-edited the footage slightly to make it a little better (hopefully).
Details: Exit altitude: 25k ft, free-fall time: ~1.5 minutes, O2 on bail-out bottle, two-way comm in mask, GoPro
camera on wrist mount (which I did not control very well – ended up with a lot of footage of the drogue chute).
The jump was a great experience (my 15th jump, 4th tandem), and I will go back to do the 25kft HAHO that was cancelled due to inclement weather.
Thanks go to Joint Services Special Operations Group/HALOJumper.com for a really cool experience!

Cast: Eric Falconi

Tags: HALO, Skydive, tandem, high altitude high opening, parachute, free fall, Falconi and ericfalconi

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Supafly Skydiving Video Journal Episode 24

Visit supaflyskydiving.com for information on skydiving. PJ Jackson is a skydiving instructor and exceptional coach based in DeLand, FL. The Supafly Skydiving Video Journal is a fun way to keep people informed on what’s offered and what’s happening. Supafly Skydiving specializes in Freefly Coaching, but also offers coaching in basic bodyflight and tracking. Visit the website for full details or email pj@supaflyskydiving.com

Cast: Supafly Skydiving

Tags: Freeflying, Swooping, AFF, Dropzone, Parachute, Tracking, Skydive, DeLand, Florida, Airplane, Awesome, Fun, Supafly, Flying and Jumping

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Corvée 2012 chez Parachutisme Atmosphair

Un grand merci à tout ceux qui sont venus nous aider aujourd’hui pour la grande corvée de nettoyage avant le début de la saison. Plus de 40 personnes se sont pointées pour nous donner un coup de main. Des hot dogs, un cessna, des sourires… que demander de mieux?

La saison débute dans 2 semaines, d’autres surprises vous attendent, continuez de nous suivre ….. vous ne serez pas déçus 😉

Team Atmosphair

Cast: atmosphair

Tags: skydive

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