Skydive at Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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Looking for a rush or feel like you need a gut check then give skydiving a try. In sky dive Playa del Carmen you are taking a short course teaching you the basics of what you need to do, and in no time flat you are flying at 10,000 feet. Door opens up and then you get that gut check you were talking about. If you were ever curious about this adventure this is the time to try this. Take it from us this is one of our absolute favorite tours. Oh yeah moving on next thing you know you are standing outside the plane, before you let go and woosh you enjoy the ride of your life. Your free fall lasts about 40 seconds in which you will have one of the most beautiful views you can ever imagine of the Caribbean Sea. No you never get that sinking feeling in your stomach of being dropped it is more like the feeling of flying except you are hitting speeds in excess of y amount of miles per hour. In all of the years of jumping only one person has chickened out and all of those who jumped absolutely loved it. Ok that is the flying part, when they open the parachute you will be able to do some cool manuvres, enjoy the view now before landing on a perfect white sand beach.

Cast: Unikgo

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FRF Paramotor Squadron Episode 4

The pilots over at the FRF Paramotor Squadron have cooked up Episode 4. With new scenes and even better action. Enjoy my friends ;).

Pilots: Nathan “Drifto” Finneman, Mike “Rocket Man” Bennett, Chris G Rush” Montes, Robert Kittila, and Marek Kozlowski.

Filmed by: Nikie St.Jean,

Edited by: Nathan “Drifto” Finneman

Cast: Drifto

Tags: flight, art of flight, redbull, racing, storms, girls, hot girl, paramotor, paraglider, parachute, base jump, sky diving, go fast sports and Nathan “Drifto” Finneman

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Skydiving in Chattanooga 3.2012

This my first time Sky Diving in Chattanooga, TN. Great experience skydiving. We used the Go Pro HD. Great Experience. We went with Chattanooga Skydiving Company. I used IMovie to edit. I wasn’t as pleased with the edit as much. I will be posting another one of my wife that will be better. Hope you enjoy and let me know any feedback.

Cast: Jesse Morris

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