Vampire 4 Black/White for Sale! 1100€

I have to Sell my lovely V4. I´ve done 2 Jumps with it so I would say it´s Brand NEW.

It was Build for:

height: 1,87
chest: 102
waist: 84
Hip: 101
shoulders/floor: 153
torso: 79
inseam: 87
shoulders: 42
arm: 60
thigh: 53
bicep: 31
wrist: 17
shoe size: 11 1/2
weight: 73


Price: 1100€  would be perfect but there mybe is a little space in both directions 😉

Yeehaww – Brand New Vampire 4 arrived!

long time ago i orderd a V4, now i am pround and very lucky. The Suit arrived on Tuesday this Week, it is looking awesome. I am just not sure if it really fits me.

Wearing no boots it seems to be a little long. wearing boots it feels better but still a little long :-/. Today i will try the fit with my complete gear. Full of hope.

That waht it looks like ->





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