First Training after Spain

we had a great weekend, it was pretty windy but we did a few jumps. this is just one of them with a nice flyby  in the end. hopefully arndt will find some time to cut some nice footage.

First hot air Ballonjumps 2010

hello world! last weekend we had the best weather snce ages. too bad our suits weren´t available. so we had to practise some different stuff. we die a lot of jumps in trackingsuits and the final jump was a lovely hot air ballonjumps. we were 5 with two first timers. it was fucking great.

our complete team was in it 🙂 the frist two jumperes went of at 3000ft. in tracking suits, than i went off wearing my old phantom, it really a amazing feeling first to just fall and than to start flying! after me the last two guys went of! we all loved it and had a save landing. 

the last and really hard part is always to pack the ballon back in its bags. than the funny parts starts if you got some first timers :-D.


Take a look at our Impressions!

 Hot Air Ballon Jumping


back in cold germany

we are back from our first training camp in Spain. we had no luck with the weather and later with the winds and a broken airplane …. hopefully that´s not a sign :-D. we only did 11 training jumps. and one time we had to stay inside the airplane to enjoy the decent with Jan because of to many pretty deep clouds.


Here you can take a look at some impressions: Castellon 2010 Photo Impressions


barrel rolls, sequence 4 and some fun

The Weather wasn´t as good as the forcast, but we were able to do 4 Training Jumps on Saturday evening and 3 on Sunday between some beautifull clouds.

the jumping sequences were hard, manuel had to do barrel rolls while i did a front flip after taht we had to get a grip while flying on our backs. we did that for the first 3 jumps, the fourth we did some fun exercices together with the videoman mathis.

on sunday we started with the German Masters Sequence 4 (Sequence Table). we had some trouble at the exit but after that the jump was pretty good, the only bad thing was the video bust :-/