„Attention, a life in Extremes" MAKING OF Video Part 4

This is one of our Making Of Videos (Part 4 — Monte Brento) of the feat. documentary “Attention, a life in Extremes”
Part 4 shows when we followed the Wingsuit flyer Halvor Angvik with our camera to the famous mountain Monte Brento in South-Tyrol to shoot a further part of our film.

“Attention, a life in Extremes” (working title) — is a critical analysis about the extreme sports theme – Showing the life of three exceptional athletes (long distance cyclist Gerhard Gulewicz, free diver Guillaume Nery and wingsuit flyer Halvor Angvik) and their motivation to exceed their limits permanently.

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Director: Sascha Köllnreitner
DoP: Viktor Schaider
Production: adrialpe-media.at

Music : qwertzuiopue

Attention, a life in Extremes is supported by Stein-Zeit

© Adrialpe-Media

Cast: Attention, a life in Extremes

Tags: Attention a life in extremes, Sascha Köllnreitner, Adrialpe Media, Viktor Schaider, Michael Krischan, Halvor Angvik, Wingsuit, Wingsuitflying, Proximity flying, Base jumping, monte brento, south tirol, Actionsport, extremesport and qwertzuiopue

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