Colnago K.Zero in Milan wind tunnel

We develop our time trial bikes in the most sophisticated wind tunnel facilities, using the data collected to reach the best possible targets and minimise the drag.
Collaboration with professional athletes like Team Europcar Pierre Rolland is fundamental to understand where and what is the limit.
Colnago K.Zero is the new time trial machine in the Colnago family.

Cast: Colnago

Tags: Colnago, K.Zero, Milan, wind tunnel, aerodynamic, bicycles, bike, Pierre, Rolland, Team, Europcar, Alessandro and Brambilla

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3D Wind Tunnel in Maya

In this video, I’ll show you how to create a wind tunnel in maya using mel script, and I’ll break down the commands into simple English so that you can understand it very easily.

If you want to learn more about maya, I have more videos on youtube. Just search for tri3dtips.

Cast: Peter T

Tags: wind tunnel in maya, wind tunnel using mel script, mel script, 3D wind tunnel in maya, windtunnel, how to do windtunnel in maya and how to create wind tunnel in may

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