2011-09-12 – Eurotour 2011 – Balloon Jump

On this very nice trip to Algodonales with Michael Bass, Fábio Barretto Fava could make his first zero-speed jump starting from a hot-air balloon. This production was made with Akis Altis, Lee Tryhorn & FlySpain Paragliding School, and Fábio jumped with Michael Neville-Rolfe (BASE Jump), Lee Tryhorn and Michael Bass (paragliding rollovers). Enjoy this!

Cast: TV Para Pro, GoPro, Lee Tryhorn and Michael Bass

Tags: acro, xtreme, paragliding, parapente, para pro, u-turn, thriller, algodonales, flyspain, skydiving, BASE and zero-speed

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From a Kites Perspective Trailer

Shot with GoPro Hero HD and Canon 7D

Attached a GoPro HD camera to a kite and flew it through a field on a breezy day. We had to use the truck to keep the small kite in the air with the added weight of the camera. Hope you enjoy the video and be sure to go out and explore the world. Find new uses for old stuff. Just go out and have fun.


Cast: Josh Williams

Tags: kite, perspective, gopro, gopro hero hd, gopro hero, canon 7d, canon, 7d, flying, truck, field, running, adventurous, joshtakespics, windy, pelican, final cut pro, fcp, skydiving and base jumping

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