Audible Mainframe "Ready To Fly" Music Video

Official “Ready To Fly” music video


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Edited in Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Color

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Santa Barbara Sky Diving​


Cast: Chaz Curry

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Skydiving in Melbourne

This is my virgin skydiving experience in Melbourne. The weather was great that afternoon, with clear skies and nice warm breeze!

This is actually a birthday gift from Huis, my girlfriend, who wanted to surprise me by driving me up there on my actual birthday, but the weather was bad, and she also felt bad that such a surprise would give me cardiac arrest. Best girlfriend in the world who knows what gets my gears going ūüôā

I dived with the Melbourne Skydive centre Tandem Master Dave, who was really nice with walking me through the whole process as well as documenting the whole process.

So the experience was really beyond words as I have told many. Being on the ground, looking at the jumpers before me got me really excited. Being in the small (like Harry Potter’s room underneath the stairs small) airplane, I was extremely pumped up for it.

But I remember stepping out of that plane, whilst I was suspended mid-air, bound to the tandem master with some hooks and binders, thinking “oh my god.. I am actually stepping out of a plane at 12,000 feet. Who would do such a stupid,stupid thing.” Next thing I knew, I was flung out and came whirling back to the ground at full speed. It was hard to keep up with my thoughts at that moment. I kept trying to “ground” my mind, but I guess it was too far up in the sky. It was intense. I enjoyed every single moment of it. The tumble out of the plane. The swirling around. The incredible speed at which wind was gushing into my face, and mouth (which gives many the illusion that I looked like Jay-Z). The scenery before me. The scenery before me became not more of a height than it was a incredible sense of being able to see God’s green earth. And it was beauuuutiful!

As is all things in life, the free fall was over before I knew it and the chutes sprang out and I had a chance to play around with the gliding bit of it. Dave was showing me crazy maneuvers, which I think all divers get to try. But that was exciting as well. Banking far left and far right is by far even more exhilarating then any amusement ride! Your stomach whirls as you spin around at high speeds, giving you the experience of being flung around on a rope, at great heights.

This truly has been a very special and memorable experience for me. I am very glad that I got this opportunity to do this, and I am even more thankful to Huis for understanding what this means to me and blessing me with the experience. I would definitely do this again and look forward to the next time I get to fling myself out of a plane.

One more thing on my to-do checklist done!


***This is taken off the Dvd from Melbourne Skydive Centre, so I have no control over the music or the track mixes!

Cast: Ryan Tan

Tags: Skydiving, Melbourne, Melbourne Skydive Centre, Life and extreme sports

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Anuloma Viloma – Alternate nostril breathing

Anuloma Viloma: two rounds of 20, work up to two rounds of 40.
Inhale left, blocking the right nostril, then block the left nostril and exhale forcibly through the right. Alternate.
Opens right and left cornary arteries, aka, ‚Äúcardiopulmonary plumbing.‚ÄĚ
Makes the mind quiet.
Cleans all 72,000 nadis.
Massages liver, spleen, and right and left heart chambers.
Balances blood pressure.
Improves lymphatic circulation.
Mediastinal and cervical lymph nodes empty.
Balance left and right brain hemispheres.
Opens the diencephalons, the primordial brain where past life experiences are stored.
Benefits the nervous system.
You get the benefit of two miles of running!

Cast: Mark Kinder

Tags: anuloma viloma, alternate nostril breathing, yoga, pranayama, mark kinder, Mark T. kinder, New York, Saratoga Springs, Saratoga, skydiving, Seattle, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, UK, Blackpool and Lancashire

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This is The "Mayweather Live" Show!!! Montage

Log line:
As health, religion, sexuality and the entertainment industry become growing issues across the world, young Mayweather seeks the controversy and excitement in each of them by traveling the United States which leads him to fear, joy, sorrow, education, and inspiration.

Show Topics:

-Life of The Blind
-Spiritual Adviser Beyond Psychic
-Truth About HIV & STD’s
-Boxing Mayweather vs Blue Incredible
-Homeless In America
-What is Voodoo
-Why Women Like Women
-School of Human Flight Skydiving
-Life of A Drug Dealer and Crack Addict
-Tapping Into Meditation
-Prostitution Online in America
-Celebrity Lifestyle on Tour
-Fit in 30 Minutes at Home
-What May or May Not be in Bible
-What is Rape
-What is Fencing
-Homosexuality Uncut

Agent The “Mayweather Live” Show original TV program:

Christine Ponthieux
Benz Model & Talent Agency
Office: 813-242-4400
Fax: 813-241-4500

Mayweather’s Contact:

Cast: Mayweather Live

Tags: Inspirational, Educational, Motivating, Brashaad Mayweather, Life of The Blind, Spiritual Adviser, Psychic, Truth About HIV & STD’s, Boxing, Mayweather, Homeless In America, What is Voodoo, Why Women Like Women, School of Human Flight, Skydiving, Life of A Drug Dealer, Life of Crack Addict, Tapping Into Meditation, Prostitution Online in America and Celebrity Lifestyle on Tour

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9Lives Adventures- When Cats Fly

This video represents our 2nd tour with 9Lives as we push the boundaries to NEW LIMITS!

For a second tour following a bungee and ATV tour, we thought a SKYDIVE with would prove to the public just how serious we are with breaking preset social limitations and perceptions.

Props to our wildcats as they throw their fears out of a plane and become the poster childs for the next wildcats to come!

Join us!

Cast: 9Lives Wildcat

Tags: 9lives adventures, nine lives, adrenalin, tourism, wild, crazy, disabled, paraplegic, mobility, change, adventures, sport, extreme, activity, karim ladki, skydiving, whistler and vancouver

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