Yeehaww – Brand New Vampire 4 arrived!

long time ago i orderd a V4, now i am pround and very lucky. The Suit arrived on Tuesday this Week, it is looking awesome. I am just not sure if it really fits me.

Wearing no boots it seems to be a little long. wearing boots it feels better but still a little long :-/. Today i will try the fit with my complete gear. Full of hope.

That waht it looks like ->





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Supafly Skydiving Video Journal Episode 13

Visit for information on skydiving. PJ Jackson is a skydiving instructor and exceptional coach based in DeLand, FL. The Supafly Skydiving Video Journal is a fun way to keep people informed on what’s offered and what’s happening. Supafly Skydiving specializes in Freefly Coaching, but also offers coaching in basic bodyflight and tracking. Visit the website for full details or email

Cast: Supafly Skydiving

Tags: Freefly, Tracking, RW, Belly Fly, Coaching, Supafly, Skydiving, Dropzone, Head down, Sitfly, Canopy, AFF, DeLand, Florida, Fun and Jumping

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Amazing Wingsuit Flyers

Jeb Corliss and Roberta Mancino share their perspective into the world of proximity wingsuit flying and base jumping.
Clips were found on the web, and edited by me.
Music by Paul Leonard-Morgan
Hope u guys like it.

Cast: Krzysztof Zwolinski

Tags: Jeb Corliss Roberta Mancino, wingsuit, base jumping, sky diving, Norway, parachute, proximity, flying, wingsuiters, amazing, GoPro, speed flying, extreme sport, Cliff, sony vegas, adobe after effects and Paul Leonard-Morgan

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