Lanci Progressione Freefly con istruttore
Lanci con paracadute biposto tandem,
Corso Paracadutismo AFF
Allenamento nel tunnel del vento
Videocamera HD 170 STEALTH​milancio
Cris 346.079.60.90
Matteo 328.76.24.345

Cast: Paracadutismo

Tags: Paracadutismo sportivo, paracadute, corso paracadutismo aff, lanci di paracadutismo, freefly, scuola di paracadutismo, volare, caduta libera, sponsorizzazioni and wind tunnel

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Wing Suit BASE Jump Europe 2010 (Switzerland) [HD]

Esta é uma pequena compilação da minha primeira viagem para Europa para aprender o Wing Suit BASE jump (parte 2 de 2). São algumas imagens do vale de Lauterbrunnen, localizado na região de Jungfrau Jörch. Para saber mais sobre Wing Suit BASE jump, continue lendo em:​blog/​2010/​12/​wingbase-europa-2010-suica%e2%80

This is a small compilation of my first trip to Europe, to learn Wing Suit BASE jump (part 2 of 2). The footage was tanken at Lauterbrunnen valley, located in the Jungfrau Jörch region. To learn more about Wing Suit BASE jump, continue reading at:​blog/​2010/​12/​wingbase-europa-2010-suica

Cast: Gustavo Britto and Ronaldo

Tags: Wingsuit, Wing, suit, brasil, brazil, paraquedismo, salto, paraquedas, gustavo, britto, sistemoto, duplo, extreme, sports, backflip, jumps, BASE, jump, hiking and stunt

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The Need 4 Speed: Mountain Carving

This video features some of the expert wingsuit pilots from team “Need 4 Speed” carving around the European mountains in their Phoenix Fly V4 wingsuits.

Leaving a trail of smoke, the pilots skim inches away from the mountain at over 100MPH, experimenting with wingsuit proximity formation flying.

This is the second trailer for our forthcoming documentary on wingsuit BASE jumping, soon to be released on the Phoenix Fly and AdrenalinBase website and vimeo channels.

For more information, please check:

Editing & Post Production: Jarno Cordia

Music: Woodkid – Iron

For all media and press inquiries, including footage requests – please contact

For information on how to start wingsuit flying –

Cast: Phoenix Fly and AirRebels

Tags: wingsuit, base, vampire, proximity, flying, close, V4, adrenalin Base, Phoenix Fly and mountain

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