Breakthrough Booby Birds 2011

Ellie Patsalos, Partner and Vice-Chair at Deloitte skydives for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Breakthrough Booby Birds are a group of high-achieving businesswomen who rise to the challenge, support our cause and reach self-fulfilment through heroic fundraising and conquering personal fears in a tandem skydive.

Cast: Breakthrough Breast Cancer

Tags: Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Deloitte, breast cancer, fundraising, fundraiser, fundraisers, fundraising uk, skydiving, Booby Birds and skydive

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Lanci Progressione Freefly con istruttore
Lanci con paracadute biposto tandem,
Corso Paracadutismo AFF
Allenamento nel tunnel del vento
Videocamera HD 170 STEALTH​milancio
Cris 346.079.60.90
Matteo 328.76.24.345

Cast: Paracadutismo

Tags: Paracadutismo sportivo, paracadute, corso paracadutismo aff, lanci di paracadutismo, freefly, scuola di paracadutismo, volare, caduta libera, sponsorizzazioni and wind tunnel

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