Mirko Remembered

Mirko Remembered

My dear friend

Every one of us cherish every moment we have spent with you.

You had great energy, great spirit, amazing skill, and a kind generous soul.

Eventually time will help ease the pain, but you will never, ever be
forgotten, nor will we ever truly get over you not being here anymore.

Now you have the best wings any person can have and we know you are at

We will miss you forever.

Fly free in the eternal blue skies.

Our love is with you always.

Robi, JNO, everyone at Phoenix Fly, Adrenalin BASE, Team Need 4 Speed and
all your brothers and sisters around the world.

Cast: Phoenix Fly

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Wingsuit Flying – Exploring the Sky Over Chicago

Wingsuit Flying - Exploring the Sky Over Chicago

Wingsuit flying footage from just outside the city of Chicago. A beautiful place to fly. Trying out some barrel rolls and front flips in my Phantom2.

Wingsuit pilots: John Kallend, Josh Sheppard, Justin Shorb, Greg Drogaline, Brian Snarr, Omnia Ibrahim, Kenny Simon. Footage captured and edited by Richard Schneider.

Music: “Son of Flynn” remixed by np, original score by Daft Punk.

Learn more at picturecorrect.com/​wingsuit

Cast: Richard Schneider

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