FLB FFC – Tom van Dijck

FLB FFC - Tom van Dijck

Tom van Dijck

Zephyrhills, USA

PF Shadow (Acro2/Phantom2 hybrid)

Tom van Dijck making his first wingsuit flight.
Nice stable exit, excellent body position. A little tense, causing some minor wobbles.
A subtle de-arch and stretched legs in his dummy pulls, leading to a slightly unstable body position.
Pushing hips in a little more, cocking head back, and further pulling legs onto the ass will make the position more stable, and also help in slowing down the wingsuit more for the pull.

Textbook flight in terms of actions. Only some minor tweaks/practive needed to make it perfect.

Amazing performance for a first flight!

Cast: FlyLikeBrick

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FLB FFC- Chris Edwards

FLB FFC- Chris Edwards

Name: Chris Edwards

Place: Soest, Germany

Suit: PF Acro

Nice exit. A little asymetrical coming out, but nice correcting it. Remember, where you look is where you go. Keep eyes on the horizon in front of you, and even when an exit is slightly off-axis, it will correct itself. Dont start counter steering.
Good flying. Nice dummy pulls. A bit more of an arch will take even more speed out of the pull. But this is already quite okay. Good response to coaching signals on arm position.

Conclusion: Good first flight. Relaxing a little bit more and some practice on the arch/pull position is all thats needed. Welcome to the flock!

Cast: FlyLikeBrick, Benedikt

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