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for all the poor guys and girls that cannot check em out because they are visible to facebook users only ……

because the Tonysuit Pictures are getting more and more i added a new Gallery


S-Bird flying home


Martin Dumas gives the thumbs up upon deployment.


What usually happens when you deploy without bending your knees.


Matt Gerdes doing a flyby on an Ozone paraglider.




Paul’s First AFF

Paul's First AFF

Tonight I decided to challenge myself, by editing this short video in under an hour. Well it ended up being more like two hours, still learning all the Final Cut shortcuts.

My good friend Paul, making the leap and completing his first level AFF (Accelerated Free-Fall course) skydive.

Cast: On Scope Productions LLC.

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Tandem Skydive

Tandem Skydive

This is the Tandem Skydive I did at the Black Knights Parachute Centre in Cockerham, Lancashire on the 6th March 2010. We jumped from 14,000 ft freefalling for 50 secconds, passing through a layer of cloud. Absolutely fantastic. This helped raise money for the worthy cause that is the Vermont Partnership that provides services to help emotionally and behaviourally challenged children. Donations can be made at

Cast: Richard Lilly

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First Man in Space – Skydiving From The Edge Of The World

First Man in Space - Skydiving From The Edge Of The World

First Man in Space – Skydiving From The Edge Of The World (Extended Version) // On August 16, 1960, Joseph Kittinger jumped his last … all » Excelsior jump, doing so from an air-thin height of 102,800 feet (31,334 meters). From that nearly 20 miles altitude, his tumble toward terra firma took some 4 minutes and 36 seconds. Exceeding the speed of sound during the fall, Kittinger used a small stabilizing chute before a larger, main parachute opened in the denser atmosphere. He safely touched down in barren New Mexico desert, 13 minutes 45 seconds after he vaulted into the void.

The jump set records that still stand today, among them, the highest parachute jump, the longest freefall, and the fastest speed ever attained by a human through the atmosphere. Somewhat in contention is Kittinger’s use of the small parachute for stabilization during his record-setting fall. Roger Eugene Andreyev, a Russian, is touted as holding the world’s free fall record of 80,325 feet (24,483 meters), made on November 1, 1962.

Cast: .jonas

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