wog – wings over gransee 2009

Day One – Friday:

the beginnig of the competition was at 10am and it starts with a practise round for everybody.because there were a lot of jumpers which doesn´t know the dropzone form 12000ft. i used the practise jump to try out the S-Bird from Tonysuit.

the first impression was, impresiv stable an blown up :-) but a little slow in the horizontal movement and very slow falling rate, a reason for that is the huge size. when i tried to get a steeper flight angle the suit becomes slightly instable to the left. i suppose it was caused due the legwing air inlets where some propably closed due the increased airspeed cause they are not made stronger like the phantom ones.

after that the competiton started with the first ranom round which only matters if at the end some competitors will have the same points. the rondom choosed a distance jump.

after that the first “real” round started with the time discipline in which Tobi, Tony and Helmut dominated. after that we had to do the distance which were dominated by the same guys.

Day Two – Saturday:

we started at sunday again with an “warm up” jump, which were done by most of the jumpers to get some practise for the Speed round.

after that the final round was accomplished the results showed all of us the importance of this round because the field was mixed again and i had much luck because the first random round made me to become the 3rd :-D . 50 meters made my day.

the complete details you will see at: WingsuitCompetition.com

At the end of the day we made a nearly 20way jump out of two airplanes, i had the opportunity to try out a Vamire 3 from phoenix fly for that jump.

thanks to mirko for the organisation and to harry my mentor

Day Three – Sunday:

the plan was to do a few nice big ways again from two airplanes but it was just a plan :-) a few guy including me were partying to much saturday night so on sunday we were not able to go on the line so no jumps.

and thx to nico who drove our car home to hamburg


barrel rolls, sequence 4 and some fun

The Weather wasn´t as good as the forcast, but we were able to do 4 Training Jumps on Saturday evening and 3 on Sunday between some beautifull clouds.

the jumping sequences were hard, manuel had to do barrel rolls while i did a front flip after taht we had to get a grip while flying on our backs. we did that for the first 3 jumps, the fourth we did some fun exercices together with the videoman mathis.

on sunday we started with the German Masters Sequence 4 (Sequence Table). we had some trouble at the exit but after that the jump was pretty good, the only bad thing was the video bust :-/